Shipping Policy

Dispatch Duration:

Item are usually dispatched from our warehouse in about 2-3 working days after an order is placed. The shipping method chosen is the fastest available at price paid.

Item Tracking:

Usually tracking is monitored by us and any inquiry regarding the whereabouts of the product can be made at

Item Arrival:

Most of our products reach the customer in less than 25 days. The shipping time of course depends upon the country of customer and the time it takes to get through the customs.
For Countries such as US, UK , Canada, Australia, the shipping time is usually less than 15 days but sometimes can take more than that due to unforeseen  circumstances.  For the Remaining Europe, shipping time ranges between  15 – 25 days. Moreover, you will be given an estimate of how much time your order will take considering different scenarios by email when your order is shipped.

Item Lost or Late:

In case of a lost item, the whole amount paid will be refunded to the customer. If the item is late or still hasn’t arrived before the final given date, the entire amount paid will be refunded within a week after the final date.